welcome to pole dancing for fun and fitness!

Pole dancing itself is a sport and a skill. It incorporates gymnastic, ballet and modern dance movements around a polished pole.

There are endless varieties of tricks that can be performed in a choreographed dance routine. You will be able to learn many of the pole skills through practice. The movements include spins, climbs, static poses and body inverts. The pole dancer may add some floor work and sexy filler moves that complete the dance routine.

I have been pole dancing for the last year,  and I can tell you that pole dancing has been the most fabulous and fun workout for me. You get the benefits of gaining upper body strength, lower body strength, if you add a lot of dance moves around the pole, you are going to work up and get sweat and get some cardio exercise.

In addition to that you get all the great mental benefits of feeling sexy and strong and empowered and really free, flying around the pole.  So,  we are going to learn some basic pole spins and some pole dancing moves to make it more of a workout, and even some sexy moves if you want to take it home and do your pole dancing for someone else. What you are going to need are comfortable clothes, anything that’s not too excessively baggy, because you don’t want a t-shirt or baggy pants to be wrapping around the pole and hindering you in that way. You want no lotion on your hands, so you don’t flip off of your pole and you can buy removable poles online. So just make sure that your pole is secure, because you are going to be putting all your body weight on it when pole dancing.

Lesson 1  Warm-up:

You want to have a real good warm up because you don’t want to just jump into your spins and risk tearing the muscle. So what I’m going to do is show you how to do some safe warm ups around the pole so that you can do your warm ups before you spin. One of them is to hang your body weight out to the side and you will take some swing steps around the pole, letting your body weight just hang as you go around the pole. Nice, big steps letting the body weight hang out and this is going to help stretch your shoulder blade and warm up those muscles. Go in both directions, you want both arms to be warm. The other thing you can do is to take your leg and hook it from behind the pole and then warm up your upper body by going back and forth on the pole.

So really reaching out in both directions back and forth, you can do the same things to the other side, hooking your legs from behind the pole reaching out and back. Again warming up the spine, stretching the arms back and forth and lastly for your legs, you can do any big movements with your legs doing squats, wide legs squats, narrow squats down and up and knee lifts. So anything that’s going to warm up both your lower and your upper body, alright so go ahead and get warmed up, and you can then watch some clips about your pole dancing spins.

Lesson 2 Holds:

Pole dancing moves that you can do to help with your upper body strength that will help you in your spins and your pole dancing practice. Pole holds are going to take a lot of arm strength and also some abdominal strength, and so what you want to do is standing behind or next to your pole you are going to place one hand over the other. It’s not going to matter a whole bunch what hand is over the other. In fact, try to switch hands. When your hands are up, you are going to give a little jump and as you do that you are going to bring your knees to the pole and your feet to the pole to hang on. while you are here you can do a lot of things to help your upper body strength. You can your legs and then come down. You can take one leg out and slowly slide down, looks pretty. Eventually, what you want to be able to do is not have that little jump. You want to be able to bring your knees into the pole using just your abdominal strength. So, when you hold the pole, all you are going to do is contract your abs and bring your legs in. It looks a little more graceful, it takes a lot more strength. You can also stand next to the pole and practice holding your body weight this way. So you can pull your knees in, hold and release. Great for abdominal strength as well, hold, pull in and release. Don’t forget to do it on both sides, make both sides strong.

Lesson 3 Horizontal Twist:

1. Hold the pole at about shoulder height with your strongest arm.
2. Grip the pole with the crook of your knee as high as you can.
3. Push off with your other leg, and keeping it straight bring it up behind the pole. Aim to get this leg horizontal to the ground. At the same time lean out so your weight is supported by your arm.

4. You will start spinning forwards as soon as you push off. This is a slow and graceful move so you will not spin many times. Hold your position as you turn – leg straight and arm straight – until you land on the ground.

Note: You can hold your free arm however you feel comfortable, however, it may help you to balance by having it outstretched.

Lesson 4 Swing:

1. ‘Grip’ the pole using the crook of the top of your foot and your knee. The exact position is detailed. Because your knee is pushing on one side of the pole and your foot the other you will be able to hold yourself up.

2. Step up as you pull your body towards the pole.

3. You will now be standing up against the pole, above the ground.

(Note: This is a common starting place for many tricks and is an easy way to climb up.)

4. Position the pole between your legs; your crotch will be the fulcrum. Lower your body until your arms are straight out in front of you, and at the same time bring your legs straight up. Imagine you are on a swing! Cross your legs at the ankles for extra security.

To slide down the pole simply loosen your grip with your hands!

Lesson 5 Spins:

  • Firemen’s spin:

your inside arm closest to the pole is going to be up nice and high, to give you plenty of room to spin, your outside arm is going to grab at chest level. Your outside leg is going to come to the front of the pole and hook right behind your ankle. Alright, now the fun part, you are going to slowly to shift your weight forward and as you do you need to quickly pick up the leg that’s on the floor.

The back leg is going to come up directly behind the pole. So here we go inside arm up, outside arm at chest level, outside leg hooks, slowly start to shift your body weight forward and quickly pull up that bottom leg behind the pole. Alright, you can walk into the spin for more momentum, if you want to make it look a little prettier, you can practice pulling your knees wide on the spin.

  • Martini spin:

You are going to stand beside your pole, with your inside arm, the one closest to the pole, up nice and high. Your outside hand is going to come to chest level and your outside leg is going to come to the pole with your ankle to the front of the pole. Now, if I were to freeze my spin, so you can see what it looks like. This bottom leg is going to come straight up out while I am spinning. So with your inside hand up high, your outside arm at chest height and your outside leg hooked, you are going to slowly start to shift your body weight forward and as you do this, this leg is going to need to come up quickly and it’s just going to shoot straight out. When you reach the bottom, you will find that you are going to be down here okay, so you can just tuck in your leg and bring yourself back up. Inside hand high, as you walk around your outside leg is going to come to the pole; you are going to bring this leg for more momentum as this outside leg comes to the pole. You can give it a little bit of extra swing to gain some momentum.

  • Ballerina spin:

You are going to stand next to your pole, make sure that you are nice and warmed up before attempting the spin. You could bring your inside arm closest to the pole up high on the pole. Your outside arm is going to come across the chest level and your outside leg is going to hook to the front of the pole. As you start to shift your weight forward, your inside leg is going to come up and its going to bend slightly behind you. I am going to show you what it looks like first in faster motion. You will notice that when I started to spin, my outside leg started to shift to where my knee was hooked on the pole. This is going to help your spin. It’s not quite as stable, it’s just your ankle that’s hooked. So as you start your leg is going to shift to hanging on by the knee and that outside leg is going to come up. You will be landing on the floor, so control your spin with the arms so that you don’t have a rough landing. Inside arm is up, outside arm down. I am going to walk into it. Hooking the outside leg and here we go, and when you land on the floor you can always get up gracefully.

  • Diva spin:

This spin requires a little bit of strength from your outer leg and your core, because you need to hold your leg up and out to the side during your spin. So, make sure that you have practiced some upper body and some ab exercises before attempting this spin, and you feel like you are fairly confident and strong on the pole in general. Often make sure that you are warmed before attempting this spin. You are going to start with your inside arm high and your outside arm to the pole. Your outside leg is going to hook to the pole and this inside leg is going to shoot straight out to the side, okay. Now, this can be done two ways and it again it depends on your strength. You can keep this outside leg hooked with the ankle in front of the pole for a little bit more stability or if you are feeling nice and strong you can hold it just out to the side of the pole, requires a little bit more strength but it looks real pretty. In your landing you can’t go ahead and put your feet down so that you don’t crush all the way down to the floor. So, when you are half way through the spin, just gently bring your legs in for your landing.

  • Showgirl spin:

This spin can be done with a safety precaution, there are two ways to do it.

  • One, landing on your knees,
  • Two, pulling out of the spin before you land on your knees.

If you have some knee issues or you just don’t like landing on your knees, pick your option.

The version : this is where you land on your knees.Your inside arm is up nice and high on the pole, you are going to take your inside leg closest to the pole and you are going to hook it behind the knee. You don’t want to hook it too high, because this other knee needs to be at the same height when it comes up. So, a low hook, outside arm to the pole. Now here is key, you don’t want to fall into the spin with your shoulder down, because you are just going to crash into the pole. So chest needs to stay up high with a little arch in your back and as I go around the pole, this outside leg is going to pick up and I am going to bend the knee. Do a simply tip forward and pull up the leg with a gentle landing on the knees. You can walk into that spin, remembering to hook the inside leg as you go and pushing off with the outside leg. Okay, you can do a big stand up once you get to the bottom.

Now, if you don’t like to land on your knees, you simply pull out of the spin early by bringing both of your feet and placing them on the floor.

  • Chair spin:

This spin requires a little bit of ab strength because you are going to be holding your knees up as you go around the outside of the pole. You can do some abdominal exercises to get in shape for this spin. But for this spin you are going to take your inside hand closest to the pole, up high on the pole and your outside arm at chest height. Your outside leg is the one thats going to give you a little bit of momentum. So when you start you are going to bring it back behind you some and you are going to swing it forward. The other knee is going to come up to meet it as you go around the pole. Now, when go around the pole, take your outside hand and push your body away from the pole. If you don’t do this, you are going to end up bumping your hips in the pole as you move along and you get a hefty bruise on the side of your hips. So, try your best to push away from the pole with the outside hand. So, we are going to walk into it so that we have a little bit more momentum. Remembering that this outside leg is going to be the one to swing up and start our chair spin. When you are near the bottom, just put your feet down and do a nice little roll up.

  • Half pint pole spin:

The Half Spin is a backward spin and it’s a little bit more difficult than some of the others. Simply wrap your head around what to do when you are going backwards, once you get it though, you get it and it’s a really spin. So, what you are going to be doing is you are going to be facing your pole and you are going to have your inside arm closest to the pole up.

Your outside leg is going to step into the pole, as you do this, the back leg is going to start to come up and around and to tip yourself backwards look up towards your underarm and start to arch your back and the back leg is going to keep coming around. Now, watch the foot that’s on the floor all by itself, it’s going to wrap around the pole as you come back. Remember to put some momentum in to it. Step across, let that back leg come up and you spin around.

Arm up, step forward into the pole, take your back leg, start to come around and tip back into the pole. Make sure you are holding on tight with that upper arm. When you come down, you simply stand back up.

Lesson 6 Moves:

Start to put your spins together in a pole dancing workout. Now, granted, you are already getting a workout doing your pole spins, because you are using a lot of upper body and gaining strength there. Now you will add some dance moves in so that you are also breaking into a sweat. You are getting some lower body work in. There are lots of different ways you can do this, and you might be creative and be able to make up more moves around the pole. One of the ones that you can do are some side to side kicks. So, just standing with your hand on the pole, you just going to be step, kick, down, down, step, kick. So, you can do this back and forth and you can do it front, back and front again. Alright, so this is a nice filler to keep your heart rate up. Another one that you can do is dance with your pole, so coming out to the side of your pole, you are going to walk forward as you cross underneath your arm, and then you could turn facing your pole, changing your hands. So it’s kind of like you are dancing with the partner and you are just moving back and forth. The other thing you can do is to stand behind your pole, hooking your outside leg to the pole, and from here you can do a number of different things, you can work the upper body, back and forth contracting the core as you come forward, and back you can utilize the leg by doing a kick and back, kick and back. You can do some small squats from here using the legs that’s in the standing position, coming down and up little shoulder roll makes it look nice, and you can do some kick lunges from here, kicking out, and lunging down, kick and lunge. So, any different move that you can think of or you are just moving around the pole, you can stay to the back and do some side to side dips with the rear end and lastly some body waves, you can be standing to the pole and just moving your body back and forth, kind of, don’t over think it, sort of like a snake pulling your chest in and back and just letting your spine stretch, enjoying that movement. These are some dance moves that you can do around the pole.