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The Lil’ Minx Stripper Pole is another one of the best professional removable stripper poles on the market. Its priced right, installs easily and has has lots of positive feedback.
The Lil’ Mynx Stripper Pole do not bolt to the floor or ceiling. The removable nature lets you keep the Stripper pole in place when you want to use it, and remove it when you have company coming for dinner.
The Lil’ Mynx stripper pole comes in polished stainless steel, red, white, pink or black.
Pros – easy to install, variety of surfaces, fast delivery, lightening quick to put up and take down, non-interfering base, can use in multiple locations with extra ceiling mounts, great customer service, ceiling mount is small and discreet.
Cons – weight limit of 180lb (Lil Mynx more generous with their weight limit), cannot use the top portion of the pole if your ceiling is over 8 feet, rubber feet may cause some wear in carpet (use a second carpet scrap to protect), rubber feet occasionally need to be re-screwed in if you take it in and out on a carpet a lot

Lil Mynx has a rotator pole that can also be stationary. I demo’d this model just briefly and not long enough to have a real impression.
They also have a completely removable ‘Pro Pole’ (no ceiling hardware) which comes apart in 2 pieces and has a case for easier transportation. As with any ‘no-ceiling hardware’ pole, it has more limits and safety issues.
Stripper Pole Surfaces to consider before buying
Different types of stripper pole surfaces will perform and feel different against your skin. Stainless Stell is the best. Brass Stripper poles will get dents and they are a pain to clean. You need to use toxic cleaners which are then transferred to your skin…..not the best idea in my opinion.
Never use lotions or oils on your skin as this will make the stripper pole slippery and very dangerous for those upside down spin till your dizzy moves.
Stainless steal is the easiest to clean. Use Windex/Water solution to clean. It feels great on your skin too. It makes spins easier.
Powdered Coated Stripper Poles like Lil’ Minx (make sure to buy the pink or black) provide a tacky surface and is great for beginners, but not so nice for slides as it will rub your thighs. These stripper poles tend to scratch more easily but can be easily fixed with nail polish or a paint pen. Also easy to clean with a windex/water solution.
Get a pole with a ceiling mount! It is safer. (unless you need to travel a lot with it)

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