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Tools you will need -  Drill, Tape measure, Safety glasses, Stud finder, Standard screw driver, Ladder, Level (recommended).

Lil Mynx Installation help lil-mynx-colors

The Lil’ Mynx is very easy to install. It takes less than 10 minutes for the initial installation and weighs a mere 9 kilos. The simple design incorporates a unique ceiling mount, disguised as a plant hook for discretion, that requires only a single screw into a main joist in the ceiling. A threaded compression system holds the Lil’ Mynx in place. It can handle a person up to 110 kilos. When the pole is put away all you have left is a functional plant hook in the ceiling. After initial installation it takes only seconds to put up or take down, with no tools needed.

Standard Installation Requirements:
Floor to ceiling minimum distance 95.5 inches/maximum 120 inches – A radius around the pole equal to the height of the stripper should remain. clear and free of all furniture, objects, obstructions, or debris.

Do not install near windows or doors with windows.
Do not install near open balconies or unprotected heights.

FOR PETITE POLE ONLY: Be advised, due to the difference in diameter the Lil’ Mynx Petite only comes in 8-9ft or 9-10ft. for adjustment, as opposed to the Lil” Mynx Original Dance Pole which allows for 8-10ft. All original installation applies to all poles, but please note that the Lil’ Mynx Petite will only allow for one foot of adjustment.

Safety is a combination of common sense, staying alert, and knowing how your Lil’ Mynx dance pole is installed and used.

1 ) Use a stud finder to find a joist where you would like to install/use the pole.
A joist is a wooden beam in your ceiling above the sheet rock that typically run 12-16 inches on center from one another. To use the stud finder, run it along the ceiling until the indicator light turns on.
DANGER – Failure to secure your bolted ceiling mount into a ceiling joist will compromise the structural integrity of your pole, which could result in serious injury. Consult a locally certified housing repairman for installation help
if necessary.

2) After locating the joist, drill a hole with the 3/16 bit supplied into it. Drill al the way in until the drill bit disappears completely – about 2 1/2 inches.

3a) Standard Mount
Place the lag bolt through the plastic mount. Use the Allen wrench to tighten the bolt into the drilled hole. It is important to use appropriate force to secure the bolt. Be careful not to over tighten as you will”strip” the threads in the wood.
3b) Vaulted Mount
• Place the lag bolt through the mount base and tighten into the drilled hole. Once
you are close to tight be sure to index the mount to insure that the main mount slot
is lined up with the vault of the ceiling. ( The slot should be lined up from the short
to tall direction of the ceiling. This will allow the main mount to swing into position
to hold the pole). Once the slot is lined up, tighten the lag bolt.
• Once the lag bolt is tightened, place the swing mount in and place the 1/4×20 bolt through the mount. Allow the mount to swing into vertical position. It is important that it is vertical as this is what the pole relies on to hold it in place. Once vertical, tighten the bolt with the tool supplied. After the pole is installed in place re-check the tightness of the bolt. If it is not tight the mount may move causing the pole to fall.

4) Install the rubber feet on the base by inserting the machine screw through the rubber foot and thread into base. Tighten with a screwdriver.

5) Measure the ceiling height.

6) Adjust the pole length by turning the adjustment tube while applying slight pressure towards the foot of the pole. (Holding the Lil’ Mynx at a 45 degree angle is enough pressure.) Do not pull out on the adjustment tube as you
extend it. You will be tempted to pull and twist, but resist the temptation. Turn it counter- clockwise to make it taller, clockwise to make it shorter. Adjust the pole so that it is 1 inch longer than the height of the ceiling, (i.e. if you have an 8 foot ceiling, the pole should be 8 feet 1 inch.) Measure from the bottom of the base to the top of the djustment tube (If installing on non-carpeted floor be sure to account for the ½ inch height of the non-skid rubber pad). Check tension every time you install the Lil’ Mynx.

7) Install the pole by placing the top of the adjustment tube over the mounting hook assembly. (Note: The hook is designed for discretion only; it will not attach to anything inside the adjustment tube.) Once the adjustment tube is seated on the ceiling mount push up to compress the pole and position the pole to vertical until the pole base is flat on the floor. Do not drag the base feet as this can cause them to pop off. If using the non-skid floor pad place the pad on the floor under the ceiling mount and place the Lil’ Mynx dance pole on top. (Note: Be sure rubber feet have been installed even if you are using the non-skid floor pad).

8) Now take 2 steps back and look to see if the pole is straight up and down. Then move 90 degrees and take another look. It is recommended to use a level on 2 sides of the pole to insure that it is straight. Test the stability of the pole by applying successively higher weight before using fully

9) For LIP Mynx “Rotator” pole only To make the Rotator a spinning pole simply turn the locking screw clockwise until it disengages the rotating assembly. To lock the Rotator into the stationary setting, simply turn the screw counter- clockwise into the locking groove (the machined notch).

Be sure to check length of the pole each time before use even if the pole has not been taken down.

Take Care of Your Lil Mynx Pole

The Li!’ Mynx comes with a powder coat or stainless steel finish and it is important to treat your dance pole with care when in use and in storage.
Clean with a damp cloth or Windex. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE OR SCRATCH THE SURFACE. It is recommended that you remove any rings or bracelets before use, as these items can scratch the finish. IT IS ALSO SUGGESTED THAT THE LIL’ MYNX BE STORED HORIZONTALLY to insure that it has no chance of falling over, causing injury to any person
or damaging the finish.

Platinum Stages Installation Help:

X-Pole Installation Help:

If you are installing the pole in a specific location, the X-pole set and the necessary parts will suffice. However, if you are planning to install the pole in several different locations, it might be convenient to have both extension poles.

1. Screw together high precision joints, almost seamless – X-Pole’s unique precision machined, screw together, connections (not slot together) create rock solid stability, extremely high pole strength and, more importantly for the stripper, smooth seams.
2. Low Profile Articulating base for uneven floors – X-Pole has a uniquely designed, low profile (flat, not angled, so the strippers feet will not side off), non invasive base, which compensates for uneven floors. Also unique is it’s 3° angle lock which adds to X-Poles stability.
3. Static or spinning, easy to convert – X-Poles converts from static to spinning mode in 15 seconds. Simply undo or re-tighten two hidden screws. Spinning units contain a total of 6 ball bearings for maximum stability and durability.
4. Extra wide support dome with easy to use height adjuster - X-Poles extra wide 15″ support dome creates a self locking moment for added stability. The upper adjuster, which is easy to tighten due to it’s fine thread, has a simple slide in place cover enhancing X-Poles appearance.


Important things to know:

X Pole Height range – 2235mm (7′4″) ~ 2745mm (9′) from box so no cutting or extensions to buy (box includes 125 and 250 extensions).

Screw together joints (not a coupler) for rock solid stability and strength.

Joint release holes with special release rods (included) for tightening and releasing the tubes.

Wide 15” upper support dome – spreads the ceiling load and also acts as a safety lock.

Static or spinning functionality (6 bearings for stability and safety lock) – just tighten or undo two hidden screws to lock/unlock.

Easy to use height adjuster – with spanner (included) for tightening and securing X-Pole.

Adjuster cover – Hides the adjuster and leaves X-Pole looking like a continuous pole.

Articulating base – for easy set up on uneven floors. Flat and non-invasive, the base has an angle lock for added stability and safety.

New 50mm tube size – less than 2″ (this will be the new professional standard) – helps improve hand grip whilst still retaining pole strength and rigidity.

Super smooth screw joints – looks almost like a one piece pole.

Stock extensions – 100 and 1000mm optional extensions, in addition to the original 125, 250 and 500mm sizes.

DVD included (1 hr 10 mins) – shows X-Pole assembly and a class with Katie Coates which includes a warm up, 6 spins, pole and floor work and a combination free dance.

Foam Carrier – X-Pole is delivered in a protective hi-density foam inner tray which can be transferred to an optional carry case.